Gospel Conversations: How to Care Like Christ [Book Review]

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gospel-conversations-bookWhat is a Gospel Conversation Anyway? What does it look like to help others apply the gospel to their daily lives as they grapple with the realities of suffering and sin? What does it mean to have true-to-life conversations that are seasoned with the gospel? How do we help others become more like Christ as they walk through life’s storms? “The essence of gospel conversations is helping one another to understand and apply the gospel to the details of our lives as saints who struggle with suffering and sin.” Gospel Conversations gives a clear path to the way in which the Bride of Christ, the Church should function as it seeks to minister God’s grace and healing through the trials and challenges of life.

Got Skills?

Dr. Kellemen’s passion and tradition of developing resources that are useful for equipping the body of Christ to care for the body of Christ continues in Gospel Conversations: How to Care Like Christ. This is a hands-on training manual for laypersons that are serious about providing counseling care in the local church. It is not training for the faint of heart. It includes in-depth study materials designed within the context of a small group-learning environment to help trainees learn how to have gospel conversations as they grow to care like Christ. There are twenty-one counseling skills covered in this material. If you are ready to dig deep into your own personal struggles and experiences so that you are even more equipped to care for the saints, then this book is a great fit for you and the ministry God has called you to.

Personal Growth, More Than Technique Development

One of the benefits and blessings of working through this material is that of one’s own spiritual growth. As the reader and student, applies the content to his or her own life, you will be amazed at what the Lord shows you about your own heart and the sanctifying work He has in store for you. As counselors, lay counselors, pastors and others who seek to administer God’s grace to one another via “counseling”, you will learn that God will often be at work in your own heart and life in ways that He is leading you to counsel and help others. This is your spiritual fruit to be shared. The growth and maturity you are willing to yield to in your own life will aid in making you a better counselor for the good of others and the glory of God.

Gospel Conversations: How to Care Like Christ will equip the local church to better care for its flock and meet the needs of those in their care.

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