Daughter of the God Most High, wife to Jon, mom of 5.

Hi, I’m Robin and I’m passionate about “one-another” ministry. What is that? One-another ministry is the hands-on, sacrificial discipling of others so that they may come to love God, be like Him and use their gifts to serve Him.

As a biblical counselor, I value the role of the body of Christ in the comprehensive counseling care of individuals and families. I like to present a biblical perspective on tough topics that are often not discussed in church so that we can learn what God’s Word has to say about them and to give people biblical hope when they feel the Word is silent.

In August 2023 I began my counseling practicum for state licensure at Anchor Counseling Centers. I am excited to grow in clinical skills here. I can only see Maryland residents virtually or in person at the Columbia office location. If you would like to book an appointment with me, please go to https://www.anchorcounselingcenters.com/new-patients.html and include my name with your intake.

When I’m not counseling or blogging you can find me pursuing one of my other passions like a good cup of coffee, chocolate, music, Christmastime and raising awareness about human trafficking and maternal mental health issues.

It is my hope and prayer that this blog helps encourage and equip the body of Christ to serve Him and care for one another. Thanks for visiting.

What is Spiritual Grit?

Typically, grit is defined as “a demonstration of courage and resolve; strength of character.” But what’s unique about the type of grit we’re called to embrace as followers of Jesus? Spiritual grit is the perseverance Paul mentions time and again in the epistles. This grit is known by other names as well but in the New Testament we see grit called out when hear the words trials, contentment, perseverance, and steadfastness. Ultimately, spiritual grit is joyful everyday dependence on Christ, no matter what, even when it hurts. Through the ups and the downs, the rich times and the poor times, the smooth sailing and the tropical storms, the Grit we embrace as believers is simply the outworking of our relationship with Christ, no matter what our situation. Though we are pressed, we are not crushed or destroyed because in Christ we are more than conquerors; we have been brought from death to life. This blog is called Spiritual Grit because it explores the topics of counseling, Christ-following, biblical community and soul care in a practical way. My desire is that it points you to Christ and helps you embrace a high level of “grit” in your own spiritual life.

Contact Robin @commuterstories or via email.