Fear & Anxiety Wallet Cards   Download

Fear & Anxiety Bible Verse Cards

Throughout Scripture we’re encouraged to not just read words or hear verses but to reflect on them, memorize them and fix them before us above all else. From the earliest command to “bind them on our foreheads” to the Psalmists desire to “meditate on them throughout the watches of the night,” having Scripture front and center in our minds is essential, especially when it comes to combatting fear and anxiety in our lives. Cut out these wallet cards and keep them in your wallet, purse, dashboard or bathroom mirror so that you can see and reflect on them often.


Prayer Calendar For Your Husband   Download

Prayer Calendar Verses for Husbands

This 30-day prayer calendar is the perfect starting place for wives who are looking to have a flexible-yet-organized plan to pray for their husbands each day. Simply go by day of the month or just one at a time, this calendar is meant to be printed out, posted visibly, hung on the fridge, stuffed into a purse, or tucked into a Bible or journal. The 30-day calendar brings a suggested prayer focus and passage of Scripture that wives can pray for their husbands each day. This is a perfect resource to pair with the prayer calendar for wives below and the marriage verses prayer guide (keep scrolling!)


Prayer Calendar For Your Wife   Download 

Prayer Calendar Verses for Wives

Men, few things are as important as regularly praying for the wife that God has given you. This prayer calendar is a 30-day plan that can serve as a roadmap for you as you consider all the ways you can intercede for you wife, encourage her, support her, and pray for God’s best in her life. Print out this calendar and put it in your car, office, in your bible or journal, or anywhere you’ll see it frequently. If you’re part of a men’s accountability group or men’s ministry, share this with them!


Marriage Prayer Verses   Download

Marriage Bible Verse Prayer CalendarOne of the best things we can do for our marriage is to pray for and with our spouse. These verses below have been compiled for couples to pray together. As you pray through them, consider how you and your spouse are doing in these areas together, talk about them together and apply them together. What success are you having together? How does God want you to grow in these areas? Write them down and check in with each other every two weeks to assess how you are growing as a prayerful partnership. This PDF contains 2 Marriage Prayer Verse guides on a single 8.5 x 11 sheet. Cut it in half and kick off a commitment to pray together as a couple.


More resources coming soon!

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